Accountant for large and special companies

Our services

  • Accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Tax consultancy, tax planning, even for start-up companies
  • Additional services such as
    o  Auditing
    o  Company establishment, other legal services
    o  Due diligence, company reorganization, internal audit
    o  Preparation of regulations


Our expectations, principles regarding our work:

Our company, as accounting company has been engaged in business accounting, payroll accounting, settlement of taxation issues since 1989. According to our experience, companies are changing their previous accountant due to lack of information, inaccuracy, unreliability. A lot of them, unfortunately, find a reliable, sound accountant only after a number of accountant switches. They often assume the additional costs and risks of creating their own accountancy department, thinking that only this way they can achieve the expected standard.

Our objective is to provide daily, continous information to our clients about the legal changes, regulations, reliable, requested information regarding the company, availability. We associate this with individual pricing, personalized needs assessment and customized service.

We consciously carry out the employment of entry-level and returnee employees, as the recompletion of adequately trained, experienced workforce, helping the people involved is important for us. At the same time, we do not consider it acceptable that gaining experience and lack of knowledge would cause any discomfort to Your company. Thus, those employees perform their - appropriate to their level of knowledge - tasks under the supervision of our leading accountants.

Our leading accountants have many years of professional experience, they have joined our company professional skills higher than average level. In addition, we provide continuous trainings, both through organized internal trainings and with the help of external trainers and lectures.

Our clients are mainly larger (with annual sales revenue between 300 million and 5 billion HUF) companies and groups of companies, foreign companies, which in addition to the general skills required from accountants, have other special requirements. Such requirement is, for example the knowledge of foreign languages and the preparation of monthly reports. In case of such big companies, the volume of turnover can be also a challenge for unskilled accountants. Obviously, we treat our smaller clients with the same care and preparedness.

We are in contact with several companies, which have their own accounting department, but require from us supervision, advice and general accounting tasks. It is common, that we are asked by the Chief Financial Officer or the Manager of the company primarily to execute the entry of accounting materials and to perform payroll accounting. In some cases, we perform these tasks on the Clients’ own software, while in case of other companies we use the programs used by us in the office, providing remote access on demand.

Of course, in most cases, our Clients request full service from us, because their company works without employees having knowledge in the field of accounting, tax issues, so the arising issues are solved by us and our colleagues.

Our main office is in Budapest, at the boundary of district XV and district IV, at district XV, Bethlen Gábor utca 21/a. The other premises of our company is situated in Hatvan.

The successful cooperation between our Clients and our company is supported by the importance of a long-term cooperation for us and the safe, comforting quality service for our Clients.


Description and detail of the services:


1. Accounting

Online bookkeeping, distance accounting

The world is changing and so does the accounting tasks. Fast decisions are among the day-to-day tasks of company executives. However, it does matter what data the use to make these decisions. For our clients it is extremely important to have the most up-to-date accounting and tax status regarding their company, which can be reached 24 hours a day without any time-limit.

Adapting to individual needs, our systems have been designed to provide our customers with instant access to their data and statements, helping them with their work.

We provide double-entry bookkeeping system and income register. Our company does not deal with individual undertakings, so we do not undertake single bookkeeping.

Data entry is made by us according to standards, daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the size of the company and the agreement between us. The accounting is carried out by accountants with years of experience, with continuous, documented internal audit. They perform their tasks mainly in our office, but if required, they also work as outsourced employees at the clients’ office.

We also carry out bookkeeping service with the software used by the clients’ company.


2. Payroll accounting, employment issues

Our payroll department colleagues are performing their work with one of the most sophisticated and reliable Hungarian payroll software. Our leading payroll colleague has been working with us for more than 25 years, constantly updating his own and his colleagues’ knowledge.

We help our clients also in this area in order to ensure correct, but cost-effective operation, as both the related taxes, contributions and possible legal consequences pose a significant burden on businesses.

We offer help in the establishment of cafeteria system and in preparing cafeteria regulations.


3. Tax consultancy, tax planning 

The legislative environment changes almost every day. The establishment of a company, operation of an existing company is impossible without continuous orientation. Consultancy services are provided to our existing customers without any special remuneration, this is also included in our monthly commitment fee.

Tax consultancy and tax planning services are provided by our company to businesses and private individuals also, even in the partner’s office. This service is carried out always personally by the accounting bureau’s executives, having tax consultant, tax specialist education and 30 years of taxation, accounting and organizational experience.


4. Additional services

4.1.  Auditing

We are constantly cooperating with several audit companies and individual auditors. We have chosen 3 of them that have proven to us and our clients during many years of cooperation. Knowing the unique expectations, we can offer our clients the most auditor, who is the most satisfactory for the needs of partner companies.


4.2.  Company establishment, other legal services

The legal work of our companies are supported by an external law firm, which have proved its reliability in several cases and areas, on a basis on ad hoc or even flat-rate agreements. The office employs over 20 specialized lawyers, so they can assure You at the normal market price, the most appropriate specialist depending on the specificity and the complexity of the issue.


4.3.  Due diligence, company reorganization, internal audit

Change is natural thing for businesses operating on different markets. Whether it is about growth, specialization, reduction for any reason, the new situation has to be handled, possibly at a plan level. With our experience and knowledge we can help our partners also in this area, even on a case-by-case basis. Our managers have met lots of such tasks during their work and have been involved in reorganization work of larger organizations.

An internal audit may also be justified by an examination of a post-reorganizational situation, but in many cases, this request is caused by a “bad feeling” of the managers and owners.


4.4.  Preparation of regulations

We prepare Accounting Regulations primarily for companies mentioned in the Accounting Act, in cooperation with our clients. Furthermore, we have a lot of requests connected with the preparation of the cafeteria regulation. We provide help also in preparation of other regulations or we give an offer to experienced companies who have worked with us or our clients. For example the preparation of the Fire Safety Regulations, Work Safety Regulations, Risk Analysis or current hits such as the GDPR Regulations,  Transfer Pricing Regulations.


4.5.  Financial tasks, external financial manager

A large number of companies cannot operate or develop without properly selected and managed loans. Finding credit options and choosing a credit according to the problem is not a simple matter, even for a professional. We have often seen the damages caused by the prolongation of a relatively fast loan with a favourable interest rate, when it turns out that the loan was not recommended for its real purpose. So it is natural, that the prolongation does not succeed or only with great difficulties, what can put the company in a very serious situation. We can advice our clients also in this field with our many years of experience and the appropriate bank background.

Many of our clients require from us periodic (monthly, quarterly, annual) preparation of financial plans, annual plans, even in foreign languages and preparation of their cost plans and other financial statements. Of course, we do not only compile these tables, but we also help in their analysis and deduction of conclusions. Thus, to a certain company size, the business can replace even its own financial manager.


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